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The video clip titled “FDR/WWII” discusses several key points related to Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), the Great Depression, and World War II:

  1. FDR’s Inaugural Address: Roosevelt initially criticized “money changers” as responsible for the Great Depression. He declared their practices unjust and blamed them for economic woes.
  2. Bank Holiday and Gold Confiscation: Shortly after his inauguration, FDR declared a bank holiday, closing all banks. Later in 1933, he outlawed private ownership of gold bullion and coins, except for rare coins, effectively confiscating gold from citizens. Non-compliance could lead to severe penalties, such as imprisonment and fines.
  3. Creation of Fort Knox Depository: To house the confiscated gold, Roosevelt ordered the construction of a new bullion depository at Fort Knox. In 1937, gold began to be stored there amidst tight security.
  4. Gold Price Manipulation: The official price of gold was set at $35 per ounce in 1935, benefiting foreign sellers who could sell gold back to the government at a profit.
  5. World War II and Economic Impact: The war significantly increased national debt, with massive spending dwarfing that of World War I. This led to economic restructuring and debt increases across many nations involved in the conflict.
  6. Centralization of Economic Power: Post-war, the world was divided into economic camps, with communist economies on one side and capitalist ones on the other, leading to an arms race. This period also marked efforts by central bankers to centralize economic systems globally, aiming towards a “New World Order.”
  7. Fort Knox Gold Controversy: Despite federal law requiring annual audits of the gold at Fort Knox, the Treasury has not conducted reliable audits since Eisenhower’s administration. There are claims and suspicions that much of the gold stored there has been removed over the years, possibly sold off at a lower price before the gold standard was effectively ended by President Nixon.
  8. Gold Market Manipulation: Central banks and the IMF now control a significant portion of the world’s gold supply, allowing them to influence the gold market.

The narrative also suggests a narrative of suspicion and intrigue regarding the handling and fate of America’s gold reserves, implying potential mismanagement or even covert operations involving the gold stored at Fort Knox.

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