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Length: {10:38 minutes}

Let me take you through a one month journey to learn unkown facts about history, which may let you see our current monetary system as an abritrary creation which may be changed.

To read the chapters will take you on average a minute; and if you don’t like reading, you find the entire information in the video below.

Bill Still discusses various economic issues in America, including rising debt, inflation, and the struggle of families to make ends meet. It attributes these problems to the Federal Reserve, describing it as a private, for-profit bank that controls the nation’s money supply, rather than a government entity.

The video argues that this system, established in 1913, prioritizes the profits of private stockholders over public interest. Historical figures like Charles Lindbergh and Barry Goldwater have criticized the Federal Reserve for its lack of transparency and its powerful influence over the economy.

The intro suggests that reforming the banking system, rather than focusing on the size of the national debt, is essential for addressing these economic issues.

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