Prison Break: How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us

Remember TV-series in which prisoners fight amongst themselves?

Much to the guards’ delight as they avoid uniting against their captors.

Similarly, we are enslaved by being pitted against each other in left-right politics,

when in fact, the root cause of our captivity in the “worker’s hamster wheel” is our monetary system.

Whilst money is a necessary invention not to have to carry heavy goods around to trade;
despite the fact that over centuries it became increasingly complex,

we should not forget that it is a mere arbitrary system created by a few as you can see in the documentary “the Money Masters” here.

Original money had a tangible gold- or silver-value; but arbitrary “Fiat” currencies are built on the mere belief of the masses in a currency
which does allow privileged institutions to print out much more money than in reality exists.

Obviously money shouldn’t be fought against, because that would destroy each our own ground;
but there is an urgent need to develop a constructive and positive alternative,
we can break free from the constraints of our current system and create a more equitable and sustainable economic system;
hence : ¥€$notes.

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2 Replies to “Prison Break: How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us”

    1. Thanks for your comment 😉 <3

      It seems to me that especially an activist like you should know about the flaws of our current arbitrary currency.

      Your concern about lack of food reserves and electricity is absolutely valid;
      mine is more about creating a monetary system which doesn't make the rich richer and the poor poorer,

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