3. The Roman Empire

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The chapter on the Roman Empire focuses on the historical context and role of money changers during ancient times. It explains that to understand the problem of money changers, one must look back to Europe and Biblical times. Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple, marking the only instance he used force in his ministry. This action was due to the money changers exploiting their position within the temple.

When Jews traveled to Jerusalem to pay their temple tax, they could only use a specific coin, the half shekel of the sanctuary, made of pure silver and without the image of a pagan emperor. This coin was the only one acceptable to God, according to Jewish belief. However, these coins were scarce because the money changers had cornered the market on them, inflating their price to whatever the market could bear. This monopoly allowed money changers to make exorbitant profits, forcing Jews to pay high prices. Jesus saw this as a violation of the sanctity of God’s house.

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