15. Second Bank of the U.S.

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In Chapter 15 of Bill Still’s documentary, the focus is on the establishment of the Second Bank of the United States in 1816, just a year after the Battle of Waterloo and the alleged Rothschild takeover of the Bank of England.

The Second Bank of the United States was modeled after its predecessor, with the U.S. government owning 20% of its shares, paid for by the Treasury. This initial capital allowed the bank to leverage fractional reserve lending to provide loans to private investors, who purchased the remaining 80% of the shares.

The primary shareholders of the bank remained anonymous, but it was known that about one-third of the shares were sold to foreigners. This led to observations that the bank had strong ties to Britain, potentially as deep as its American connections. By 1816, it is suggested that the Rothschilds had significant influence over both the Bank of England and the newly established Second Bank of the United States.

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